Monday, July 5, 2010


Hello fellow readers!
Coming to you from Bologna, Italy where we have already seen God at work! It currently is smoking HOT and the girls are lying on the tile floor trying to catch a breeze from the only compact fan that lies in the middle of our bungalow. We arrived safely in London after sitting in Chicago with a 2 hour plumbing delay. Fortunately, we did not miss the connecting flight which flew us to Bologna. We were immediately greeted with warm smiles and hugs by Mark Brucato and some friends. Saturday, our team jumped right in to our first ministry work partnering with San Lazzaro Church. Performing the Lifehouse, Everything Mime in a local park was nerve racking and encouraging seeing the large crowd that showed up.
While we waited to perform, our team broke into smaller groups to invite those hanging out in the park. Some of the boys in our group were able to join a local basketball game that was going on, and ended up inviting them to the event. One of the basketball players did attend, and did not know anything about evangelism and Christianity. He watched us perform, and stayed through an entire gospel skit and sermon. During the performance, he tapped Mark Brucado told him that the mime gave him goosebumps, and really had an impact on him.
We were able to perform the mime a second time because more people had shown up at the park. It was really encouraging to us, as member of the community and the members of San Lazzaro church appreciated our skit and were able to connect and understand it.
Emma and Kathleen met a 15 year old girl named Suella towards the end of the event. She spoke very good English, and had watched the performance. It was surprising to both of us how interested she was in the U.S. and we had a really fun time talking and connecting to her. While we were talking to Suella, her mother sent both her sister and cousin over to talk to us also. It was neat to see that both Suella and her mom were appreciative that we were wanting and willing to talk to them. Suella seemed very interested in the ESL camp, as well as her mother. Unfortunately, she is still in school, and doesn’t finish until Friday, so she said she was unable to attend our ESL camp. We were still glad to have had the chance to get to know her and will keep her in our prayers, and hope you will too.

The Girls of World Impact Italy

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