Wednesday, July 7, 2010

First Camp days

Camp Exch@nge is on! Days one and two are done, and already we’ve built relationships with the kids here. They all range from 12-16 years old and they all range from very shy to immediately friendly, but ALL of them have opened up to us. Sometimes it was a water game like Drip, Drip, Drop or at others it was the English lessons with Finding Nemo and Toy Story, but at some point all of the kids here have gotten past the initial introductions and have started to get closer. It definitely makes me excited for the next day and the next day! Each day they are speaking more English and talking more openly (and dumping water on us more frequently) that it’s been an exponential change so far.
As we’re running the camp with our partners in Bologna, we ask that you pray often for the openings that will present themselves to us to share our personal faith with the Bologna kids. They’ll be there, and I know I’m eager to get conversations past hellos and how are yous to something eternal, keeping in mind that these kids probably have never heard the gospel of Jesus, let alone even thinking about it. It’s a glorious ministry here.
Here are some names to lift up in your prayers: Gabriele, Luca, Giacamo, Davide, Sebastian, Matteo, Sonia, Irina, Sara, Francesco, and Codrin. Thanks!

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