Sunday, August 8, 2010

Thoughts from Mark

Bon Giorno!

I have just returned from my mission’s trip evangelizing in Bologna , Italy with College Church missionary Mark Brucato and my high school team. For the two weeks that we were there, the team was able to witness to so many non-believers. We had fifteen junior high students attend our camp, and we were able to witness to them through sports ministry, ESL, and displaying God’s love through our actions. We were also able to perform our street mime to many groups of people in different parks around Bologna . This mime depicted the many pulls and attraction to sin and how Christ can save you from such desires. It was very well received and a lot of fun to perform too! Another highlight of the trip was being interviewed by the Italian News station. Our group was cleaning and painting an area of the city and the News team wanted to know who we were and why teenagers would want to paint and clean? The greatest part of this activity was the children that came to the camp wanted to join us and help too. We were able to show Christ’s love for them in many tangible ways. We ended our trip with a tour of Rome . The beauty in art that showed Christ and his ministry on earth was amazing. This trip was more than I could have ever prayed for.
In Christ, Mark Grisamore