Sunday, July 11, 2010

Camp is Over--But not the Friendships

Greetings again, finally, from HOT Bologna.
Camp is finished and as per usual, we have been both busy and not near any internet connections. So sorry for the last update. Friday's day at camp was another exciting day of activities and English. The lesson was again intended to give lead into conversations about Jesus. As I listened, many of the tables were discussing what it meant to have personal relationship with Jesus. Colin was leading the English lesson, and he let the time go long so the tables could continue discussing. I heard several kids and leaders having a chance to tell why Jesus is important to them. It was exciting and very meaningful.
Friday after camp there was a meeting for the campers and their parents. A time for the parents to hear what the camp was about, and really who we were. Your Hyackers did their mime again, and there was a long round of applause at the end. Mark Brucato was able to share the Jesus plan for saving us from the world's grip. The parents and students listened carefully. It was also a time to explain about Youth for Christ and My Space. When the meeting was over, the campers and parents stayed for a long time talking with us and we really had to finally just move on. It was an exciting time to say good-byes, take pictures and share Facebook addresses. Please keep praying as these relationships are what both the churches here and YfC are trying to use to break into the community. Mark Brucato encouraged your kids to say that they have more than do their job, that is to bring churches and para-church organizations together, and to start relationships in the community.
Saturday, we got up fairly early again for our day of "rest" in Florence. We traveled by train under the Tuscan hills. We reached Florence and on another HOT and Humid day walked around the streets of Florence. We met up with Jean-Claude and Licia and had some time with a couple of real Florentinians. It was fun haggling in the market, and we had other experiences which were exciting but too long to write about now. We ended the day in Florence with a Pizza dinner. We have sampled pizza several times while we have been here, and we all have mixed reviews. Saturday ended with a train ride home and another after 1 am arrival home.
We have been hot, sometimes tired, but very encouraged by the opportunities that God has brought our way. Many small tales will have to be told by individuals, as each has had their own personal trials and triumphs.

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