Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Isaac's thoughts

My experience in Italy was one that was probably very similar to my fellow team members; a trip full of eye-opening and life-changing experiences. Since this is the case, my fellow team members will most likely cover in depth, without even knowing it, how I feel about World Impact Italy. However I'd like to share a unique experience I had with music on this trip.
As you might have known, I was put in charge of getting together a group of a few short popular songs to play in Italy. The ideal situation for this was to play ukulele in a park somewhere and sing with Nata and have Mike play drums. This could possibly get people's attention, maybe get a conversation going and then move this conversation in the direction of Christ. Well this did not happen. Not to fret though, spending time in learning these songs definitely payed off.
Even though we didn't get to have the time in the park, some of the days after camp playing these popular American songs really payed off. To my surprise people in Italy actually know a lot of American popular songs. Songs like "Hey Soul Sister", "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and "I'm Yours" were a hit with the campers on the days when I pulled out my ukulele after camp and just started to sing! I think Nata, Mike and I had some part to play in attracting campers back to camp day after day. I also think that when the parents of the kids noticed that we were willing to perform for them out of the blue they became less suspicious of us as a whole group.
Even though this is a rather small part of what happened in Italy I still think that this had some relevance to the trip. I think that it definitely enhanced my experience and it was so cool to see that even though we had made all these plans to play for people, God used us in His way and for His purpose. Being flexible is always required on a missions trip. This experience was truly one of a kind!

Thank you so much to those that prayed for us and supported us,


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