Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Colin's thoughts

I was surprised and encouraged by the number of lives that we impacted in Italy . We ministered to youth who were completely unchurched, met people on the trains and buses, formed relationships with a couple that stayed in the bungalow near us, and talked to many people on the streets. Some of the people we talked to took a 180 degree turn towards Christ and some were just interested but in both instances it was great to see God work. There was one couple that told us they were atheists who enjoyed debating, and by the end of our trip they were reading Mere Christianity and told us they had never been challenged to think about things in the way that we did, which was great to see. The kids at the camp asked us great questions as well that went really deep about what it meant to be a Christian. This gave us an opportunity to explain to them why we believe what we believe, and that Christianity is a relationship. It was great to be a part of ministry in a country that is usually not first place to come to mind as a mission field, however there are many people in Italy that are searching and in need. It was great to God’s work in the people’s lives there and I was glad that I could be a small part of his plan for Italy .

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