Thursday, July 8, 2010

Comments from the leaders

Lest you think all of camp is games and injuries, let me give some words of encouragement to you parents and friends. The kids at camp have had a smaller grasp of English than we might have expected, so the Hyack kids have been being creative, using our Italian helpers, and been sign language to start many meaningful conversations. In last night's team meeting, many spoke of individuals who they have talked to. I have been impressed once again in the level of commitment and purpose that each student has had. One technique that seems to break barriers has been having the campers try and teach us Italian. As we show some vulnerability, the campers seem to open up. Our goals are 3-fold, show that local believers can work together, get campers talking about Jesus, just be friends. By combining all these, when we leave, the local missionaries can use the interest and relationships we started to continue building the church.
Just a side note about our schedule. We have been so busy, getting home at 11pm sometimes. We have not even had time to exchange money or had a place to spend it if we coould have. So we are tired, but really blessed. Thank you for praying.
Tim for the team


  1. Thanks so much for the posts! It's great to hear that our prayers are being answered and to better know how to pray for you all. Enjoy your final days of camp!

  2. Thanks for all you guys are doing for Christ and His kingdom. You'll may never know the impact you are having in someone's life, but you might be the "tool" Christ uses to bring them to faith.

    You're probably getting tired by now, but hang in there! We're praying for you.

    Jo Klenk