Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So far my preparation for our upcoming trip has consisted of a large amount of angel hair pasta with an occasional chef boyardee meal in order to become acclimated to the Italian culture . On a more serious note, as a team our meetings have focused on creating games, music, and mimes in order to help lead an English camp in Bologna. Since coordinating this camp is a new experience for us and for the missionaries we're partnering with, currently the schedule remains relatively vague. As a result, the lessons and activities we prepare will most likely be tweaked and reevaluated once we arrive in Bologna. Additionally, we have each prepared a written testimony. Though we obviously won't read off of English hard copies in the streets of Italy, this project helped me highlight the key aspects of my testimony and will hopefully be helpful as we seek to spread the gospel throughout the trip.


Since I'm regrettably 0% Italian I'm unfortunately not a cultural expert (thankfully we have Pastor Chris). However, my previous World Impact trip to Costa Rica showed me how God is working globally, and I'm extremely excited to experience His love for the Italian people. Though I remain unsure about the language barrier, I'm confident God will provide for our team. Also, please continue to pray for the campers and the organization of the English camp. Though we're not certain about the number of kids attending along with their English proficiency level, I pray that we can assist our missionaries in witnessing to the children who come.

Looking forward to?

I'm extremely excited to work with Ester and the Brucatos. Also, I look forward to interacting with the kids in Bologna (although I should've mentioned the sports aspect of the English camp in the list of activities I'm unsure about ). In addition, I'm eager to see how God will unify and strengthen our team. Ultimately, I'm excited to have the priveledge of experiencing God's work in Italy.

~Emma Cook

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