Monday, June 28, 2010


One of the most exciting opportunities for evangelism on this trip is our use of a street mime to grab people’s attention and get across something about the gospel. Our big mime and the one we’ve been working on the most is Lifehouse’s Everything skit (good examples are on Youtube). This skit tells the story of a girl who fell away/pushed away Jesus by falling for immoral guys, drinking, becoming bulimic, doing drugs, cutting, and almost committing suicide. At the last moment, she rejects all these things and tries to run back to Jesus, and it is only until the Savior comes between her and her sins (literally) that she is saved.

We’ve had some intense preparations for doing this in Italy . The song is extremely powerful and fuels the entire emotion of the story. I think this mime in particular is an excellent example of how “seeing” redemption on a stage can resonate with people differently than just hearing about it. I’m praying that it does indeed touch something within the audience, that we would truthfully portray this story of God’s love, and that God would soften some hearts in Italy to receive this awesome message.

Here’s the cast:

Girl – Nata Lopponen

Jesus – Mike Solis

Dancer – Isaac Stough

Money – Mark Grisamore

Glamour – Hannah Huff and Kathleen Cervera

Bulimia – Emma Cook

Drugs – Colin Zimmerman

Cutting – Allie Lange

Devil – Drew Cochrum


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  1. Michael and team,

    Our family is praying earnestly for the mime and sports/English camp this week to reach the lost. Make a difference each day and make an impact for the Lord!

    Anthony, Julie, and Danielle Solis